We are extremely proud to offer our children the opportunity to be part of The Saturday Project which has been successfully running for eight years at The Hyde School (previously known as SHINE).  It is a well-established and integral part of our school community. We provide children with unique, fun-packed activities to help support their Literacy, Numeracy and Scientific learning.  In addition to this, The Saturday Project develops a range of life skills. We provide opportunities for the children to build on their social and emotional skills.

The programme is fully-funded by Lehman Brothers Foundation Europe who have generously supported us for the last four years. We are extremely grateful for this opportunity and we are very thankful for their continued support.

The Saturday Project is a child led initiative that runs for a total of 25 weeks during term time. We have partnered with Parkfield School (a local TEFAT school) to offer 75 children across Key Stage Two a place.

Each half-term the children vote on a theme of their choice and we work with the pupils to plan lessons and learning that supports The National Curriculum. We strive to make the learning as much fun as possible for the children so that they are engaged and motivated. We also organise trips and invite professionals or workshops into our school every half-term so that the children are experiencing opportunities that they may not otherwise have. 

With the support of Lehman Brothers Foundation Europe we are extremely honoured to be able to offer our children this truly unique opportunity. It is clear to see the positive impact and benefits both academically and holistically since The Saturday Project started. 

Dates of The Saturday

 Project this half term.





What do the children think?

‘I like being with my friends at school on a Saturday and I enjoy going on trips.’

Djuna, Year 4 at The Hyde School.

 ‘We can make new friends from Parkfield and The Hyde School.’

Ava, Year 4 at The Hyde School.

 ‘I love to learn new things that we normally learn at school. Learning how to make chocolate was really fun.’

Ky-Mani, Year 6 at The Hyde School.

 ‘I enjoy the trips, sports, playtime, cooking and making new friends.’

Guilherme, Year 5 at Parkfield School.

‘I find The Saturday Project interesting because we learn new things and it’s a lot of fun.’  

Israel, Year 5 at The Hyde School.