Our Aims

To provide every individual with an equal opportunity to discover, explore and fulfil their potential.                                                                                To provide a learning culture where children and staff achieve excellence and are excited by their learning.                                                 

To provide high quality experiences where children are supported and challenged to take risks with their learning whilst taking great pride in their work.


 To provide an environment where children can develop self-esteem, independence, self-discipline and responsibility.  To work in partnership with our parents and the wider community, in order to provide the best opportunities for our children.  To provide an inclusive learning community where all children attain the highest standards of achievement and are valued, respected and celebrated.
To provide a safe, nurturing community in which all children develop their emotional, spiritual, social and academic potential to equip them to be good citizens who understand the principles of British values.   To ensure that all children achieve high standards of behaviour and tolerance by developing respect and responsibility for themselves and their community.  To help children find pleasure in learning and develop the skills and a desire to go on learning throughout life.