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  2. Monday Madness 2019-20

Monday Madness!


Our Music Video

We hope you enjoy our newly released music video: 'The Hyde Staff Miss You: Can't Stop the Feeling!'




Learning New Skills!

We hope you enjoy having a look at all of the new skills that we have been learning at home. Maybe you could try and learn a new skill too!

Who can you see?

Have fun with your family seeing who you can spot! 

Tell us a story....

Click on a page to join in with that story! Who can you see? Who can you hear? 

'I Believe' : Sing Along!


Celebrating VE Day

Part 1: Learn these dance moves.....

The Hyde Are One

Aladdin by Year 6 

Wish you were here!

Part 2: Now dance-along!

Guess Who?