The Hyde School

The Hyde School

High Expectations = High Outcomes

The School Office is closed just like the School Building - DO NOT RING - NO ONE IS THERE - YOU CAN NOT LEAVE A MESSAGE


What we need Parents to do daily:

  • Respond to the daily text message and complete the Google form - this is the quickest way we can see how you all are and what concerns you have. 
  • Keep your child safe online and help them follow our acceptable use agreements - click here KS1    Click here KS2
  • Support your child with their home learning which is set by the teachers each day. Welcome to your new role as home educators.  
  • Stay happy and positive
  • Keep a routine at home
  • Ensure you do some daily exercise in the house - join 'Joe Wicks The Body Coach' every day at 9am for his daily workout on his You Tube channel.
  • Tell your children you love them every day.

Communication - We have to do this differently during these times


  • TWITTER - We will use Twitter during the closure to stay in touch and ensure the community hears news - sign up to Twitter and follow
  • DAILY TEXTS - Complete the form in the text to communicate any concerns to us.- we will be able to see the concerns quickly than opening up 500 emails from parents each day. 
  • EMAILS - We will circulate learning updates through email.
  • SCHOOL WEBSITE - This will host access to the Home Learning Site and give you access to all news shared in emails.
  • CONTACTING US - Use the DAILY FORM we give you - ONLY email if you need to. The office account is receiving over 1000 emails a day from the government, the DFE, the local authority and other services. So use the DAILY FORM we send you. This will be sent around 7:30am each day and it will stay live to 11am each day.  


School Lunches - Meal Collection Service

  • We will be providing every child in Reception - Year 2 and any child in Year 3 - Year 6 with a daily packed lunch every day ONLY if they are eligible for a free school meal or accessing the pupil premium grant - you will need to collect these from the sports court during the time slot given. Work as a community to get the word out. Help us get the food to the children - spread the word.
  • If they are not all picked up by 2:30pm we will send a text to all families to say we have left over packed lunches please come and help yourself. We know lots of people will struggle in the coming months - we don't want anyone to go hungry. 

Weekly Food Parcels For Vulnerable Families - Come and collect Them from the sports court - We will tell you when

  • We have also organised some basic food parcels for families every week - these are for pupils who are on free school meals and those eligible for pupil premium - we will give you a weekly time slot to collect them from the sports court or school hall once a week. If you are unwell you can work as a community to collect for others. 
  • We know lots of people will struggle in the coming months - we don't want you to go hungry 
  • Lot's of our staff will be involved in organising school meals and food parcels - this will take priority over any home learning - we have split our workforce up to ensure children have food first


Expectations For Parents With Home Learning through the Online Virtual School - Parents as Home Educators

  • We have given you and your children access to a Google site to access the home learning materials click here to go to the home learning site. 

Passwords - If you need help with passwords - Click here and report it through this DON'T EMAIL as the Google support password team will only pick  up a 're-set my password' request through this Help Button - it goes straight to them and not the office email account. We know a lot of people will need this at the start and we don't have the people to respond quickly due to COVID-19

Home Learning

  • This will take place through the home learning site for most children.
  • Reception and Year 1 - we will work with you using the 'Tapestry app'
  • Year 1 - Year 6 - Your child will be set daily maths through the 'Mathletics site'  
  • Year 2 -Year 6 - Your child is already a member of their year group 'Google classroom' where additional daily learning will be set by staff for a maximum of 1-2 hours a day. 
  • Twitter - we will tweet other websites each week as well that you find different learning opportunities on.  

Parents will be the home educators during the next few months - not the teachers.

  • We are not sitting next to your child to help them if they get stuck. We will provide you and your child learning opportunities and activities to do. You will be the people working with your child. 
  • It WILL be very different to what you are used to and how The Hyde School normally runs. We need to help you understand that from the start. 

REMEMBER we are new at this. You can report concerns about learning through the daily text message we send you. The response will not be immediate and we may not have the people on the ground to get back to you - this may frustrate you at first. Remember our team are likely to get ill as well. So simply move onto a new activity or piece of set work.

Please be aware that we have split into four teams:

  • Communications, Welfare and Safeguarding Team
  • Food Preparation and Food Parcel Team - plus collection service team
  • Home Learning Online Virtual School Team with Google Support Team 

The teachers working as part of the Home Learning Online Virtual School Team will be setting the learning but you will be delivering it to your children so they can do it independently with your supervision.

It will not be possible to answer every query you have every day - if you get stuck, move onto another activity provided. It will be ok to do this.


Our Order of Key Priorities 

1) Communicating with you

2) Key Worker and Vulnerable Children Provision - INVITE ONLY FOR KEY WORKERS KEEPING OUR COUNTRY GOING

3) Food for children 

4) Home Learning - Online Virtual School 

These will be challenging times - we are here. Use the communication methods outlined above.

Work as a community to help us help the people who need it the most. Play your part.